Aspect of the BeastModifier

Whether by magic or a curse of your blood, some part of you is more beast than man.

Prerequisite: wild shape class feature, see Special.

Benefit: Your bestial nature manifests itself in one of the following ways. You choose the manifestation when you choose wildshape. .

Night Senses (Ex): If your base race has normal vision, you gain low-light vision. If your base race has low-light vision, you gain darkvision out to a range of 30 feet. If your base race has darkvision, the range of your darkvision increases by 30 feet.

Claws of the Beast (Ex): You grow a pair of claws. These claws are primary attacks that deal 1d4 points of damage (1d3 if you are Small).

Predator's Leap (Ex): You can make a running jump without needing to run 10 feet before you jump.

Wild Instinct (Ex): You gain a +2 bonus on initiative checks and a +2 bonus on Survival skill checks.

Essentia: The effect change depending on the Aspect chosen

Night Senses : +30ft Darkvision and Low-light Vision increase by x1 / Essentia

Claws of the Beast : Claws deal an additionnal +2 Damage / Essentia

Predator's Leap : You gain a racial bonus of +2 / Essentia on your Jump check.

Wild Instinct : Your bonus to initiative and Survival increase by +1 / Essentia

Special: A character that has contracted lycanthropy can take this feat without having to meet the prerequisites. A ranger who selects the natural weapon combat style can take this feat without having to meet the prerequisites (even if he does not select Aspect of the Beast as a bonus feat).

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