Un Élu (parfois aussi appelé Disciple) est un individu choisi par un Dieu pour le représenter dans un Royaume donné. Les dieux peuvent avoir un maximum de 1 Disciple / Rang Divin, mais la majorité en ont un seul par royaume. Donc souvent alors qu'un ce trouve sur le plan primaire, les autres sont sur divers autres plans.

Disciples, or sometimes apostles, as they are often referred to in their pro-active sense, are the favored followers of a given deity. Prominent  missionaries, vocal evangelists and ardent early supporters of the Faith. These religious heroes operate above and beyond even the power of the clergy, and on the earthly plane at least, are answerable only to prophets or greater incarnations of the deities such as avatars. Disciples are generally not considered to be deities in their own right. Though occasionally, in the event that their deity has been destroyed, a cult may form around a charismatic individual. On very rare occasions, such a cult will blossom over time into a full fledged religion, with its leaders ascending to hero-deity or above. Typically, a deity has a number of disciples equal to its divine rank. Though it can ultimately create as many as it wishes (see Creating a Disciple below). Most disciples will be amongst that deity’s most powerful mortal servants. Usually the deity will test any mortal with a task prior to making them disciples. Disciples, while not always necessarily clerics, are usually engaged in adventures which either advance or defend the Faith. Should the deity require a group of special individuals for an important quest it will likely call upon one or more of its disciples to undertake the mission. As such, disciples represent a powerful resource in the arsenal of a deity. Figures from mythology who would be considered disciples include: Enkidu (from Mesopotamian mythology); Minions of Set (from Egyptian mythology) and Tiera; Lemminkainen’s shield-man (from Finnish mythology). Rather than being heroes in their own right, mortals beholden to hero or quasi-deities (such as Tiera), are often no better than mere disciples.

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