Devil DescendantModifier


Level Minor



1 - - Skill 1 +2
2 - Skill 1 +2 Keen Senses
3 - - Constitution +1
4 Skill 1 +2 Keen Senses Telepathy
5 - - Devils Affinity +2
6 - Constitution +1 Devils Special 1
7 - - Skill 2 +2
8 Keen Senses Telepathy Devils Resistance
9 - - Dexterity +1
10 - Devils Affinity +2 Devils Special 2
11 - - Devils Affinity +4
12 Constitution +1 Devils Special 1 Devils Protection
13 - - Skill 3 +2
14 - Skill 2 +2 Devils Special 3
15 - - Strength +1
16 Telepathy Devils Resistance Spell Resistance
17 - - Devils Affinity +6
18 - Dexterity +1 Devils Special 4
19 - - Skill 4 +2
20 Devils Affinity +2 Devils Special 2 True Devil
  • Lineage: Different types of Devils have different skills and abilities. The Descendant gains a number of supernatural powers determined by their Lineage. All saves are Cha based and all Spell-Like Abilities are used at a CL of 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level, depending on bloodline strength.
  • Skills 1-4 +2: Each Devils has their own unique quirks and strengths. These are passed along to their Descendants as dictated by their Lineage.
  • Keen Senses: Devils are known for their acute sight in darkness. The Descendant gains Darkvision out to 60ft as well as the ability to see in Magical Darkness of up to a spell of level equal to half their hit dice.
  • Telepathy (Su) All Devils can speak with any other creature within a certain range 5ft per Hit Dice that has a
    language. It is possible to address multiple creatures at once telepathically, although maintaining a telepathic
    conversation with more than one creature at a time is just as difficult as simultaneously speaking and  listening to multiple people at the same time.
  • Devils Affinity: The Devils Descendant knows how to deal with others Devils. They gain a bonus to all social interaction checks with the type of Devils specified in their Lineage and half that bonus against other Devils type.
  • Devils Resistance: Devils have a Innate Resistance to Fire and Poison. This Resistance is equal to 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 HD. They also have a Resistance to Acid and Cold equal to 1/4, 1/2 or 1X HD.
  • Spell Resistance: Devils Descendants gain Spell Resistance 11 + level.
  • Devils Protection: Devils have a strong protection against attacks. They have a Damage Reduction of 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 HD. This Protection is bypassed by Good Weapons. They also have Batural Armor bonus of +1, +2 or +3 depending on Bloodline Strength.
  • True Devil: The Devil have a complete Immunity to Poison and Fire. Their Damage Reduction increase to by bypassed only by Silver & Good weapons. They gain the Outsider (Native) Type and the Devil, Lawful and Evil subtype.


Skills: Acrobatics, Intimidate, Perception, Stealth

Lvl Special
1 Lesser Erinyes Magic
2 Entangle
3 Erinyes Magic
4 Summon Devil

  • Lesser Erinyes Magic: The Descendant add Fear, Mirror Image to their Racial Innate Magic Powers. They also gain a bonus of +2 Charges / Day. They have a Natural Armor bonus of +1 and a pair of Wings form in their back and can used them to Fly at a speed of 50ft (Good). By using 1 magical charge theyu can hide them until use again as a free action. The growth them back the Erinyes need enough room and can't be in armor or clothing unless tailor maid for that.
  • Entangle (Su) : Each erinyes can growth their hair as a 50-foot-long rope that entangles opponents of any size as an animate rope spell (CL HD th, DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Dex). An Erinyes can hurl its rope 30 feet
    with no range penalty as a Standard action, they then act on their own
  • Erinyes Magic: The Descendant add True Seeing and Greater Teleport to their Racial Innate Magic Powers. They also gain a bonus of +2 Charges / Day. Thier Natural Armor Bonus increase by +1.
  • Summon Devil: Une fois par jour un Erinye peut invoquer des Diables qui restent jusqu'à la mort ou un maximum de 1 heure (lancer 1d6 pour voir qui répond : 1) 2 Lemure, 2) 1 Imp, 3) 1 Imp et 2 Lemure, 4) 1 Barbazu, 5) 1 Barbazu et 1 Imp et 2 Lemure ; 6) 1 Barbazu et 2 Imp et 4 Lemure) Les Diables respectent les règles normales de Summon.


Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Intimidate

Lvl Special
1 Lesser Phistophilus Magic
2 Lesser Infernal Contract
3 Phistophilus Magic
4 Infernal Contract

  • Lesser Phistophilus Magic: The Descendant add Tongues, Detect Thoughts, Erase and Identify to their Racial Innate Magic Powers. They also gain a bonus of +2 Charges / Day. They have a Natural Armor bonus of +1.
  • Lesser Infernal Contract (Su) : xxx
  • Phistophilus Magic: The Descendant add Sending, Bestow Curse and Greater Teleport to their Racial Innate Magic Powers. They also gain a bonus of +2 Charges / Day. Their Natural Armor Bonus increase by +1.
  • Infernal Contract (Su) : xxx

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