Draconian Magus (Draconian)Modifier

Prerequisites: Draconian , Magus level 1+

Benefit: Your Arcane Spells that use the Type of Energy damage you deal have a increase Caster level of +2 and DC of +1. You can consider your Claws Power to be a normal weapon attack wfor all Magus power related to your weapon. When you gain access to Medium Armor at level 7 instead your Natural Armor increase by +1, when you gain acces to Heavy Armor at level 13 inbstead your Natural Armor increase by another +1. All levels you take in other classes than Magus continue to progress Magus at a rate of 1 level instead of 1/2 level. (see Multiclass rules) This does not stack with the Multiclass feat.

Essentia: The DC and Spellcaster level increase by +1 / Essentia

Special: If you also have Improved Dragon Wings, when your Wings are active you gain the effect of [ Fire Shield ] (with the Energy depending on your Heritage, not necessary Fire).

True Draconian: You cast all your Magus spells without Somatic component as with the Silent Spell feat with no increase in spell level.

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