Illusory Disguise (Warforged)Modifier

You are capable of hiding your true form behind an illusion created by your own body.

Prerequisite: Warforged, Charisma 11+, Disguise 4+, Spellcraft 1+

Benefit: You are considered to be under a constant disguise self spell, which is capable of being turned on or off as a standard action at will. Upon taking this feat, you only have one disguised form, usually with features similar to your normal warforged shape, such as a warforged with the adamantine body wearing full plate armor or clawed gauntlets with the Bladed Fingers feat. If the warforged receives an amount of electricity damage equal to their character level times 3, they must make a Will save (DC 15) or lose the illusory disguise for 1d4 hours. If they use 1 magical charge they avoid making the willsave, or if failing the willsave, may spend a swift action to sacrifice it to maintain the illusion regardless.

Essentia: You gain an extra Disguise / Essentia (each time you invest essentia you regain the same disguise)

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