Medium Outsider (Diable, Extraplanaire, Loyal, Mauvais)

CR  3

800 XP

Initiative +1 ; Senses Infravision 60ft, Vision dans les Ténèbres ; Perception (Passive) 10

HP 65 (4 DV) ; Bloodied ; 32 ; Healing Surges 7 (16 hp) Modifier

AC 18 ; Touch 9 ; Flat-Footed 18 (+9 Naturelle, -1 Dextérité) ; CMD 15

Fortitude +6 , Reflex +3 , Will +4 ; DR 5 / Bon ou Argent ; SR 15

Immunity Feu, Poison, Métamorphose, Mind-Affecting

Resistance Acide 10, Froid 10


Basic Melee 2 Slam +6 (1d6+4) ou Spear +6 (1d8+4 x3, Brace)

Basic Full Melee 2 Slam +6 (1d6+4) ou Spear +6 (1d8+4 x3, Brace)


Basic Ranged Toucher +2

Basic Full Ranged Toucher +2

Base Atk +4 ; CMB +6

Speed 20ft (4 cases)


Incarnum (Essentia 5 ; Capacity 1)

Power Attack [1/1] – La Pénalité est réduite de -1 / Essentia

Déformation - Obèse [1/1] – +2 Déformation Bonus à la Constitution, -2 Dextérité ; Bonus/Malus augmenté de +-1 / Essentia

Gang Up [1/1] – Si 2 alliés sont une Threat pour l'ennemi, il est considéré Flanked par le Nupperibo ; Inflige +2 Dégâts / Essentia lorsqu'il attaque de Flanc

Improved Natural Armor [1/1] – Armure Naturelle est augmentée de 2 + 1 / Essentia

Improved Burning Strike [1/1] – Cause +10% Dégâts / Essentia


Alignment Loyal Mauvais

Languages Aucune


Str 15 ; Dex 8 ; Con 14 ; Int -- ; Wis 10 ; Cha 6

Feats Power Attack, Gang Up

Background Feats Déformation - Obese, Improved Natural Armor, Improved Burning Strike


Burning Strike (Su): A nupperibo’s slam attack leaves behind a slimy residue that eats through the flesh of those it strikes. Creatures struck by the nupperibo’s slam take 80% of the damage the following rounds for a number of rounds equal to the nupperibo’s Constitution modifier (two rounds for the average nupperibo). multiple Burning Strike from the same Nupperibo dont stack, they overlaps.


Also includes information on how many creatures are usually encountered together, if the monster isn’t solitary.


This vaguely humanoid creature is about as tall as a human and has clawed hands and dark grayish-black flesh.

A barely discernable humanoid head and a pair of pseudopods are the only appendages on what is best described
as a heaving mass of red clay and mud. Aside from pock marks and dents where the eyes and nose should be, the head is featureless. Indeed, so too is the entire form. From time to time, it seems as if something buried beneath the creature’s mass struggles to pushes free. As it reacts to your approach, shuffling aggressively
towards you, whatever lies within the creature becomes even more animated…

The nupperibo is a misshapen, damned being native to the Nine Hells of Perdition. Bearing a passing familiarity
to the better known lemure and sharing many of the same duties, the nupperibo is even more detested by the devils of Hell than its lower ranked cousin. Interestingly enough, a nupperibo can never be promoted into another form of devil; instead it must be demoted to a lemure in order to progress. Even more intriguing is the fact that cornugons, gelugons, and pit fiends do all they can to ensure that a nupperibo never advances beyond 9 HD; conversely, barregons often attempt to secretly coral dozens of nupperibo secretly in order to allow them to advance to 14 HD. A nupperibo is about 5 ½ feet tall and weighs about 250 pounds. Blind, deaf, and mute, a nupperibo is susceptible to telepathic messages from other devils.

Environment: Enfer

Organisation: Horde (20-100)

Trésors: Aucun

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