Savage SkaldModifier

Far from civilization, furious tribes have their own war-singers, work-chanters, and lore-keepers, savaging enemies with song and sword alike.

Rage (Ex) : An Savage Skald can Rage as a Barbarian of his Bard level. This ability replaces Bardic Knowledge.

Athlete : The Savage Skald adds his level to Athletics and Performance checks. This ability replaces Musician Ear.

Focus Training : The Savage Skald must choose the Art of Combat training.

Bardic Performance: An Savage Skald have acces to performance usually not known but standard bards. Whenever the bard gain a new Performance he may decide to choose one from this list instead :

Rank 5

Incite Rage (Su): A bard can induce a furious rage in one creature within 30 feet. This effect functions as a rage spell that lasts as long as the target can hear the bard's performance; however, unwilling creatures can be affected if they fail a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the bard's level + the bard's Cha modifier). Success renders the target immune to this power for 24 hours. The bard cannot target himself with this ability. If the target has the rage class feature, it can instead immediately rage and stay in this rage without consuming rounds of rage per day as long as the bard continues performing. This mind-affecting effect requires audible components.

Rank 9

Berserkergang (Ex): A bard can inspire a rapturous battle trance that suppresses pain, stunning, and fear effects for one creature per Bardic Bonus. Affected creatures also gain DR 5/— (DR 10/— against nonlethal damage); this benefit stacks with the damage reduction class ability of barbarians. This mind-affecting ability requires audible components.
Song of the Fallen (Sp): A bard can duplicate the effect of a horn of Valhalla. This effect requires 10 continuous rounds of performance and summons barbarians as a silver horn at rank 10, as a brass horn at rank 13, as a bronze horn at rank 16, and as an iron horn at rank 19. The warriors remain only as long as the bard continues his performance. This ability requires audible components.

Rank 15

Battle Song (Su): A bard can affect all allies within 30 feet when using performance to incite rage.

Rage Power (Ex) : The Savage Skald can choose 1 Rage Power from the Barbarian list to add to is Rage. Those Rage Power also work with is Performance that incite Rage. He can learn 1 Rage power each time he would normally gain Versatile Performance. This ability replaces The Versatile Performance from level 2-6-10-14 and 18.

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