• (Level 4) Magus Warding : By expending 1 Arcane Pool pts the Magus is surround by a field of force that increase is defense for the remaining of the encounter. The Magus and any adjacent allies gain a +1 Shield Bonus to AC and Reflex Save. The bonus to AC increases to +3, and by +1/four Magus levels, if you carry/wield nothing in your off-hand. The bonus to Reflex increases by +1 at 9th level, and again every eight levels thereafter. This ability replace Light armor gain at level 4.
  • (Level 10) Mage's Shield (Su) : Whenever the Spellguard activate an Aegis, as a free action he may designate any number of allies within the area of that Aegis. Until the beginning of his next turn, whenever any of the designated allies is dealt damage the Spellguard are dealt half that damage instead. At level 16 whenever you designate an ally, you may choose to take all damage that would dealt to that ally rather than half. This ability replace Medium armor gain at level 10.
  • (Level 16) Aegis of Resolve (Ex) : Whenever the Spellguard activate an Aegis, as part of that swift action he may designate a single ally within the area of that Aegis. The designated ally may make a new saving throw against any effect it is currently affected by. This ability replace Medium armor gain at level 16.
  • Magus Arcana : An Spellguard have acces to Arcana usally not known but standard Magus. Whenever the Magus gain a new Arcana he may decide to choose one from this list instead :
Level 3
XXX (Su): xxx
Level 6
XXX (Su): xxx
Rank 9
XXX (Su): xxx

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