Starmetal Body (Warforged)Modifier

The warforged's body is composed of a strange green metal that fell from beyond Siberys. It grants damage reduction and a special offense against creatures from other planes due to strong ties with the material plane.

Prerequisite: Warforged, Composite Plating, 1st level, Armor Profiency (Medium)

Benefit: Your armor bonus increases to +5 and you gain damage reduction 1/adamantine. However your base land speed is reduced to 20 feet and are considered wearing Medium Armor. You have a +3 maximum dexterity bonus to AC, a -3 penalty on all skills that armor check penalties apply to, and an arcane spell failure chance of 25%. In addition, your natural slam attack deals and additional 1d6 points of damage to extraplanar creatures while they are on the material plane. They also ignore the first 20 points of hardness on an object as an adamantine weapon, and overcome damage reduction as adamantine. Warforged druids who take this feat cannot cast druid spells or use any of the druid's Supernatural or Spell like class features. Warforged characters with this feat do not gain the benefit of any class feature prohibited by a character wearing Medium Armor.

Essentia: The Armor Bonus, DR and Max Dexterity increase by +1 / Essentia. The Armor Check Penalty and the Spell Failure is reduce by -1 and -5% respectively / Essentia

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