Niveau Drd 1, Wiz 1
École Transmutation
Temps d'Incantation 1 Standard Action
Composantes V, S
Portée Touch
Zone d'Effet Object Touched
Durée 1 Encounter (1 min / level)
Jet de Sauvegarde Aucun
Résistance à la Magie Non
Effet du Sort Once this spell is cast you are able to manipulate small objects made from organic materials such as wood, wool, linen, etc. You can increase, or even decrease, their thickness and strength. For example, you are able to thicken a woolen shirt into a warm winter-proof covering or a change a thin, hemp rope into a hardy cord capable of withstanding a Medium creature’s weight. The object you wish to manipulate can’t have a volume greater than 1 cubic foot and must be made of organic material. You can increase or decrease the hardness and hp possessed by the item by 50%. This spell won’t work on metal armor or weapons because they are not made of organic materials. While you couldn’t increase the AC value of a suit of leather armor, you could alter its ability to withstand damage for a short period of time. Objects that already have some form of enchantment or magical nature cannot be affected by this spell.

Improved Thicken

[ +2 SP ] The spell can now affect non-organiz items aswell

Commentaires Peut servir à renforcer un objet temporairement. Il est également très utile lorsque lancé sur un objet avant d'être enchanter.

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